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Bohemian Bathroom Decor: 11 Tips to Adopt

Bohemian Bathroom Decor

The bohemian style has become essential in recent years and seduces interior decoration enthusiasts. A mix of atmospheres that invites us to travel and escape. Do you want to redo your bathroom and are you a fan of the bohemian style? Discover now…

What color to choose for a dining table?

how to choose dining table color

Creating a dining area in your kitchen or dining room requires thought. Indeed, this friendly space, intended to accommodate your daily and/or occasional meals to meet friends and family, must be warm and comfortable. Which style to choose for your dining…

Hanging pictures without nails

Hanging pictures without nails

Hanging pictures is a necessity in decorating any home as it means designing the walls so that they are in good balance. On many occasions, and in the traditional way, in order to hang pictures, it was necessary to drill holes…