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10 Fantastic Attic Design Ideas

10 Fantastic Attic Design Ideas

To gain additional space in a home, fitting out the attic seems to be the best solution. Given that this is a relatively ambitious project, several trades must intervene. This is why the implementation of a development plan in 2D and 3D…

5 Awesome Red Room Decoration Ideas

red room decoration

From the bedroom to the living room, this daring color brings pizzazz to the decor. We dare without hesitation all the colors to dress the house: no half-measures with the color of passion! Vermilion, garnet, raspberries … With a brushstroke,…

Small Bathroom: Ideas to Organize It Well

Small bathroom

The fact that a bathroom has a small surface does not prevent its functionality or its decoration. On the contrary, the lack of space constraints ingenuity. Here are all the tips and tricks for designing a small bathroom. With on average less…

The Beauty of Colors: Beige

The beige color originates from France, in fact, it is a French term that was used to indicate the color of raw wool, not yet subjected to any treatment and no dyeing. Beige is a warm and light brownish color with…

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